Smells of the Office

tom_fordIs that Pipe Tobacco, Root beer and Vanilla I smell? Maybe! We are rockin the Tom Ford Private Blend ‘Tobacco Vanille’ Eau de Parfum.

A classically trained Design Studio goes great with a classic note like tobacco. Kinda like Abercrombie stores smell like teakwood, it just works. Tobacco has a long history in perfumery and lives on in many recent popular designer releases as well as in more challenging niche perfumes. Tobacco combinations seem almost endless, ranging from sweet over smoky to moist or leafy green – but which fragrance contains the best tobacco note or represents the most rewarding interpretation of the rich and complex smell of tobacco? Well this Eau De Parfum comes close to the richest smell of Grandpas pipe you can imagine. Stop in and enjoy the bassnotes.

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