Our Favorite Advantages of iOS 7

IMG_0543Our 5 Favorite enhancements of iOS7

As of this morning we updated 4 iPhones, 6 iPads, and 2 minis… Here are our thoughts..

Clean Modern Look and Feel

While some people like the previous look of Skeuomorphism (A derivative object which retains ornamental design cues to a structure that was necessary in the original. Example: Faux Leather, Faux Metal looking nuts and bolts) in iOS6 and earlier, we really like the modern look and feel that Jony Ive has implemented in this latest release. If allows room for more real large cleaner design elements and “white space”. We agree users no longer need visual crutches. Flipping apps up to close them is a nice touch as well.

Control Center

This is a great new feature. Just swipe up from the lock screen and you can access items like: Flashlight, Do Not disturb, WiFi, Bluetooth and more. It’s great to be able to quickly access your Flashlight if you are constantly losing your keys like us (can’t wait to get that Tile)! No more fumbling around through menus to get to the simple stuff.

FaceTime audio

Skype killer? Are you on Verizon but can’t call your Cousin that has AT&T without eating up your minutes? As long as you have WiFi and iPhones now you can take advantage of this VoIP service without sacrificing your precious minutes. Free long distance and international calling to any iPhone is pretty awesome!

Time Stamped Messages

Ever have the issue before where you were texting back and forth and later realized there was no time stamp just a general time frame? Now you can avoid and discrepancies and say, “No look, I messaged you back under 5 minutes!”

iTunes Radio

We love spotify, and before that Pandora, but let’s face it, we are Apple people here. We’ve been using Macs since our first Mac 512k in 1985, so it’s about time iTunes had a radio station. One less app to run is a good thing. It’s nice to be able to purchase a song directly from the radio in iTunes as well.



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