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Who is going to trust you? Why does anyone check you out? Does anyone pay attention to your logo? Street Cred & word of mouth can only take you so far. People aren’t banging on your door because you served them well a years ago. So you ant to look awesome? This is where The Magic Graphics comes to the rescue. Let us develop an entire brand for you and then hand you the keys.



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The Internets. World Wide Web. Cyberspace. Information Super Highway. The Cloud… yup, it’s kinda a big deal. It’s easy to outsource the actual seo work to us if you do not want to do it yourself. We know what’s behind it and how you can reach everyone. From Web design to SEO, we got you covered.



Connect the Dots

Literally, like dink-dink-dink. Looking good on paper takes on a whole new meaning when you’re working with The Magic Graphics. We have tight relationships with the nation’s top printers and love to push them outside of their comfort zone. The Magic Graphics has it’s roots in pushing the envelope… and logos, business cards, flyers, post cards, letterhead, brochures, posters, t-shirts…



Psychics for Hire

Razzle Dazzle! Someone has to figure out this stuff! We relish solving mind melters & brain benders. Brand Positioning, Color Gamut, Strategy, Localization, Cloud Computing, Internets, SEO, ROI, UI… Don’t worry, we speak your language and geek.


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