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Print or Digital?

deep thoughts on creative marketingOur clients raise this question all of the time: “Should I bother with print in today’s digital age?”

Some citing that business cards and printed brochures seem so out-of-date. On the other hand, we have clients turning around strategies to bring things back to print in the advent of social media, geofencing, and mobile apps. What things should your business consider when deciding to solve the question of print or digital?

There are many examples of successful companies run solely on social media; producing the next best video and promoting it on Vine, running analytics to ensure optimal SEO, maintaining up-to-date Twitter feeds, and using the pay-for-promo tricks of LinkedIn and Facebook. Sure, these things are necessary, but measurement can rarely keep up and we’re constantly on to the next thing.

Smells of the Office

tom_fordIs that Pipe Tobacco, Root beer and Vanilla I smell? Maybe! We are rockin the Tom Ford Private Blend ‘Tobacco Vanille’ Eau de Parfum.

A classically trained Design Studio goes great with a classic note like tobacco. Kinda like Abercrombie stores smell like teakwood, it just works. 

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